The Wish



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Saturday, 24 July 2010 at 21:23

The Wish

This month’s so rainy,
days that suddenly reminds me about you.
You’re the one who stayed so long in mind of mine.
The one I keep deep in my wish.

These weeks so blue to me,
days that I can’t imagine who’ll come in my dreams.
What a sweet dream it was…
What a nice dream with you were there.

In these rainy days I miss you,
just like I used to miss you.
In the time that was so long behind,
when I can face you as real…
In a time it was so close to say,
but I can never say.

So now I need to say that I miss you.
Cause all I need to say is I’m missing you so.

These days reminds me about you,
The one I keep deep in mind of mine.
Time that memorized me about you,
a still feeling stays in feel.

Wish you were mine,
if I could…
Wish I am yours,
with all I am.

Cause this is the thing I need to say.
This is the thing I can never say.

Fullmoon of July 2010
Belong to Mju

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