Our Basic Philosophy

We just see the thing we want to see,

We just listen on thing we want to hear,

We just feel the thing we want it right,

We just ask the thing we want to know.
Living in the world where everything is right in our perception.
We reject the thing whichis not fit in our need,

We leave the thing whichis not comfort in our feel,

We are stay away from everything whichis dangerous for ourself,

We put no attention on everything bored ourself.
These our hidden philosophy are our basic philosophy;

Everything is wrong when we think it’s not right in our perception.
We do not agree on thing we don’t like,

We don’t tell the truth that we think it’s dangerous for ourself.

We keep the lie that we think it can safe us,

We keep liying cause we think it can keep us safe.
All our hidden-basic philosophy are always right on our eyes,

With nothing wrong for us to feel.
The only mistake is nobody want to tell what they really feel,

Then we keep liying to make everyting seems right,

Even it’s running on wrong way.

The only reason is because we are human.

Liying is a part of our life,

To keep us safe in our relationship.

End of January 2013

Night in Earth of Surabaya


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