Fragile Perfection

Nobody’s perfect.

But the doctrin I received: “You may not get wrong”. That’s what my father said when I was a child.

No excuse for mistake. 

Do that; all by yourself, when no one can’t. Only you can do that.

Never, never, never ask for any help. They never honest in giving answers. They modify the words they said too much, to satisfy their need. Trust no one but yourself.

We do not forget.

We do not forgive.

A revange is never be sweet… The pain of the truth, the wound couldn’t healed.

My heart is broke, like a crystal made. Even glue can never repair.

When I started this, I think about the end. The whole is mine. I made this, like a crystal made.

Perfection in a fragile.

Nobody’s perfect.


No one.

But I can not forget, and I’m not forgiving.

So this is a self which’s no longer your bestfriend.

I just trying to be an honest stranger, because factually I’m not your friend. Never.

Nobody’s perfect.


No one.

But there’s no excuse for mistake.



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